1. Literature and Arts

  • Literature and Arts

    Welcome to Module 1

    The first part of our MOOC is about Literature and Arts.

    The suggested activities comprise a wealth of materials which will help develop a key competence: cultural awareness and expression.

    regarding the following issues:

    • Modern and Classical Art
    • Architecture
    • Cinematography
    • Music and Dance
    • Visual Arts (Graffiti)
    • Literature (Fairytales and Great Storytellers)

    At the end of this module you will have achieved the following learning objectives:

    1. Identify and describe aspects of the aforementioned types of art in the target language

    2. Be able to use a variety of Web 2.0 tools

    3. Realise that art is a universal language that unites nations worldwide and appreciate the importance of the creative expression of ideas and emotions in a range of media.

    What should I do?

    All activities here: first read the instructions, then watch the video or study the presentation, and finally do the task.

    Simply press on the image to watch the video or the presentation:



    Your Badge is available here.

    Download it and add it to your Learning Diary when you finish the 3 activities.

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