3. History

  •  History

    Welcome to Module 3

    This part of our MOOC is about History.

    You are going to work on activities about the topic of History. This is a key topic to develop social and civic competences.

    In this module you are going to explore a wide range of issues.

    You will be exploring the following issues:

    1. history of the Middle Ages

    2. contemporary history

    3. history of an object

    At the end of this module you will have achieved the following learning objectives:

    1. understand significant world developments and develop better chronological understanding of historical landmarks

    2. develop civic competence through better awareness of world history

    3. understand how to communicate knowledge of history in a variety of ways

    What should I do?

    All activities here. First read the instructions, then watch the video and finally do the task.

    Simply press on the image to watch the video:

    Your Badge is available here.

    Download it and add it to your Learning Diary when you finish the 3 activities.

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