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Greek Christmas

Christmas is an annual and international celebration that only Christians attend because is the biggest celebration that is reasoned by Jesus Christ Birth. Each country which celebrates Christmas has different traditions and preparations. Our country has traditions which some of these are originated from foreign influences.

The preparation may have began from one month to seven days ago. Some of the things that we are going to explain for you, are the cousine, the decoration, the festivities and some customs that take place these days.

Christmas couzine is also an important custom that all the houses, especially in Christmas day, that involves melomakarona, kourabiedes and diples, as the most famous desserts, and roast turkey, soups and greek dips, like tirokafteri, taramosalata, tzatziki and potatosalad. There are also some incredibly tasty foods that are originated from Greece, especially, for Christmas time.

Decorating with Christmas theme is a major tradition. The past years in Greece there was a frigate which was decorated with lights. But as foreign countries have affected as, like I said before, nowadays we decorate a big tree with colorful balls and lights. We also decorate the outside of our houses with lights, small santa-clauses, or we light the trees.
There is an old faded tradition in Greece that it is about decoration. This is about a fragile that all the Christmas used to decorate.

Ganing the Christmas spirit isn’t as easy as we have been waiting in a increasing country because the streets aren’t full of lights an Christmas trees to understand that Christmas have came. But in Christmas Eve you gane it more because all of the children that go from door to door singing carols in order to earn money. This day all of us go shopping, go for a café or a hot chocolate or we see a movie with Christmas theme.

To sum up, we have many of customs which their roots originate from antiquity.

Kotolosi Eleni
Karageorgou Lina
Zahariadis Argiris
Zafiris Giorgos
Koutsopoulou Maria