European Civilisation

Our main aim is to organise a network of students who will act as journalists of their own life. The students of each country, divided in groups, will cover one aspect of their everyday life per month(eg. environmental, cultural, political, sports, entertainment) and will write a short article illustrated with photographs in which they will present...

Project Journal

  • Hi. I shared a vídeo about our Portuguese school and the things we do there. Hope you like. Bye
    - Posted by Maria Manuela Sá Couto Branco, 10.04.2015

  • Hello everybody,hope you are fine and you had good holidays. I have posted some pictures from our school in Portugal when we celebrated Easter lunch at our school. Both students and teachers brought some traditional food and cakes,(delicious), the weather was fine and it was such a great fun! Hugs Maria(Portugal) :-)
    - Posted by Maria Manuela Sá Couto Branco, 08.04.2015