European Civilisation

Our main aim is to organise a network of students who will act as journalists of their own life. The students of each country, divided in groups, will cover one aspect of their everyday life per month(eg. environmental, cultural, political, sports, entertainment) and will write a short article illustrated with photographs in which they will present...


Free time activities

Teenagers like spending their free time on indoor or outdoor activities.
First of all, teenagers do sports in their free time like football, volleyball or martial arts.
This helps them clear their mind and have fun.
Teenagers can also have fun inside the house like surfing the net or watching TV.
Except for that, they can also listen to music or play video games.
We like to do sports and of course we like listening to music.
We, for example, play volleyball and water polo , because we have  fun with it.
We also like surfing on the internet and chatting on facebook with our friends.

Melina Koutsospyrou
Nicki Kourtidou
Achilleas Kourousis
Marilena Louki
Mariana Kotopoulou