European Civilisation

Our main aim is to organise a network of students who will act as journalists of their own life. The students of each country, divided in groups, will cover one aspect of their everyday life per month(eg. environmental, cultural, political, sports, entertainment) and will write a short article illustrated with photographs in which they will present...


Friendship is a very important value for our lives. A good friend should have some qualities, such as being trustworthy keeping yours secrets ans supporting you. He should also help you when you face some difficulties and give you some good advice. Furthermore, you can open up and share yours problems with your friends and this is why you need them to be loyal and honest. Having a friend you can improve yourself and be socialized, especially people who are shy  as long as he is not trying to change you. For all these reasons we  believe that we are fortunate to have friends and we have to keep them with all of our willpower.

Eugene Kokordeli
Varvara Karagiannaki
Annezina Korasidi
Ismini Karalidi