European Civilisation

Our main aim is to organise a network of students who will act as journalists of their own life. The students of each country, divided in groups, will cover one aspect of their everyday life per month(eg. environmental, cultural, political, sports, entertainment) and will write a short article illustrated with photographs in which they will present...


We are students of the 2nd Senior High school of Gerakas, which is a suburb of Athens.
Our class is composed of 22 students. We love playing volleyball and football.
We all have a very good relationship and co-operate in projects.
We love our school. It is a big, bright and enjoyable place.
Our teachers are very nice and helpful.
Also, we are very happy that we have the opportunity to communicate
with people who live in a foreign country.

What about you?

Kontou Evaggelia
Karadima Peggy
Kapsi Denia
Kantidaki Roula
Doumeni Artemis