European Civilisation

Our main aim is to organise a network of students who will act as journalists of their own life. The students of each country, divided in groups, will cover one aspect of their everyday life per month(eg. environmental, cultural, political, sports, entertainment) and will write a short article illustrated with photographs in which they will present...

Our area

We live in Gerakas and we believe that it is the best place in the world.
There are a lot of beautiful places to go and interesting activities to do.
Firstly there are different forms of entertainment, such as theaters, art galleries, cinemas and restaurants.
This means that you can see whatever movie you want.
Moreover, there are a large number of restaurants which serve foreign food,
so you can sample dishes from various parts of the world.
Furthermore, there are amazing places, where you can have a picnic.
The main square is our meeting point. 

Manos kostas
kostas kostas
Manos Kakaris
Leo Kira