In the second task of the project, we are going to work on modern heroes, those admirable people who fight to preserve our heritage in different realms. PLEASE, FOCUS ON LOCAL HEROES, PEOPLE FROM YOUR COUNTRY OR CITY.

    For this purpose, follow these steps and watch this video

    There will be 6 collaborative Padlets about these subjects: 

    • SPORT (sportspeople, an old sport that is still played nowadays...)
    • ART (artists, painters, musicians) 
    • SCIENCE (scientists, environmentalists)
    • ARCHITECTURE (people taking care of a building, a place, people who build houses in a specific/traditional way...)
    • FOOD (cooks, fishermen, people who sell/cultivate traditional food)
    • JOBS (old trades, craftspeople)

    To have an idea of nowadays heroes, please watch the video with Deirdre, one of the teachers of the project, talking about her father.

    Again, you will have to concentrate on people, but when you are preparing your material, consider the following questions:

    What is your attitude to these people? Are they engaged in the preservation of European culture? If so, in what way(s)?

    Have they made a change?


    Students will have to contribute with comments, posters, video or presentations to as many subjects as they like.

    You will have to explain the vocabulary and useful expressions related to whom you are talking about.