1. Do research about local heroes or people in their city or culture. They have to be dead.  This includes relatives, friends and neighbours.
    2. Attention to Safety 
    3. You can visit libraries, contact people, visit museums, interview experts, plan a trip, etc.

    There will be two teams:

    • Team 1: Heroes in popular folklore and mythology (legends, popular stories, Roman, Celtic mythology…) ITALY-TURKEY-ROMANIA- PORTUGAL
    • Team 2: Heroes in literature (poems, novels, the theatre, etc) and places SPAIN-FRANCE-POLAND- GEORGIA

    Prepare a collaborative product (one product for team 1 and another for team 2. It can be a video, a presentation... 

    Show the detailed planning and organization of your team (X will go to, Y will ask, Z will start).

    You can organize a videoconference 

    After that, the two teams will prepare questions about the other team’s product and there will be a collaborative Kahoot.

    SEE the video HERE