Reflection 1

  • What do you think about the project after the students' comments?

    More than OK

    For me, everything is going well. Many students are attending lessons from home. I am not surprised by the number of votes (44) and others have been doing exams. Obviously, they would like to have more interaction on a videoconference. We will do it soon.
    I am very interested in their views on esafety and netiquette. Some students have discovered many new things. Most of them insist on RESPECT on the web.
    My suggestion to improve the project is to encourage students to participate in forums and discussions. Their point of view is very important to go ahead in the project:)
    Carmen (EOI A Coruña)


    Taking into account the current situation the project keeps slowly moving on with students making a great effort and contributing to the tasks.
    I find relevant to point out from the questionnaire results that, rather than being a drawback, students find working with people who are not the same age, profitable and "enriching".
    Esafety and netiquette activities have been quite popular as students seem to have learned a lot of new aspects to behave online.
    To improve the project we should persuade students to take part in the videoconferences and discussions. We need them to contribute more ideas to adapt the project to their taste.
    Susy EOI Coruña

    needs more interaction between the students

    I see that the students are happy to work together on such a project. They really have learned from each other. They realized that even if they are from different nations, they have the same hobbies and interests. I like the idea that they say working with people from different age groups enriches their minds. About the esafety and netiquette, I am proud of all the students contributing to the project. It makes me optimistic about the use of the internet because they are aware of most of the things. I understand that students need more face-to-face interaction to discuss the project and to understand each other better.
    Burçin YÜCESAN (Bursa Boys' High School)

    Every little step counts

    The project is going well thanks to the teachers who design the tasks and encourage their students to participate. The project is enriching for all of us and the evidence is not only the final product but each little step towards it. Students are proud and happy to share their knowledge about their city with other nations in English. Natalia (EOI A Coruña)

    Students' interaction

    I see that students are working a little bit slowly, but they do everything good until now. They have been working with pleasure on such an interesting topic and delighted to collaborate with people from different age groups considering this "enriching". So, they learnt from each other all the time. Concerning their opinions about esafety and netiquette, i noticed that they know the rules and they found out many new things working on this task. Respect is the main rule of their online behaviour that they insist on. I think the videoconferences and discussions between students are beneficial and i hope we will do in the future. Alina Bulgariu ( "Lazar Edeleanu" Technological High School Navodari, Romania).