group number four : the bike

  • This etwinning project was fantastic thanks to all of you. I would thank my French partners Valentin and Laurelyne, my Lithuanians partners, Eimate and Celeya, my Spanish partners, Erdune and Rugile... guys you have been indispensable to realize this project! I enjoyed a lot to work with you! I hope to see you soon again!!!



    Wednesday 16/02/2022 we met on "MEET" and we discussed about our topic. In addition, we made a PowerPoint about the bike (his story, why it's useful, benefits for the  environement...) and we talked about it. Finally, we took a photo!



    Saturday 21/05/2022 we met on "MEET" and we discussed about our common work, that is the slide pages that you can look below. 


    Here is a slide page where we will stick our common work ...


    Click on "diaporama" to see our work !!!!



    4. the bike 1.pptx