4. logos

  • What will be the logo that will represent the project ?

    Each student has to create a logo for the project They can use any tool they like. Below they can find some that are the most popular. Have a look on the links below! They can also use pencils or any other tools they want …


    We must see on the logo

    • The subject of the project
    • An illustrating picture of this project
    • The different countries involved in the project


    The logo must be sent to their teacher in a jpeg file so that they can be shown in the twinspace


     Once the logos are handled they will vote to choose the 4 best logos for each country


     Then each country will present its 4 logos to the other countries and we will do a general votation in the twinspace, to choose the logo that will represent the project and it will be added to Twinspace.