6. Wishes

  • here you will find the wishes of the partners for the coming new years ..

    Goda, Kamilė, Aurelija Lithuania
    Eimantė, Lithuania
    Aurimas, Lithuania
    Džiugas, Lithuania
    Airidas, Lithuania
    Goda, Kamilė, Aurelija Lithuania
    Gabrielė, Lithuania
    Agnetė, Lithuania
    Milda, Lithuania
    Rugilė, Lithuania
    Spanish School

    Best wishes

    Happy New Year 2022

    Hi everyone, i wish you a nice year, and i hope it will be better than last year(without covid) !

    happy new year 2022!!!

    here are fireworks displayed in front of my house.
    I wish you an happy new year !!! Yan

    Twenty twenty too (2022) is here

    I wish you an happy year to all of you and do your best dreams without COVID-19 NATHAN , FRANCE

    Maxime, France
    Swami and Giuseppe, Italy
    Azzurra and Aurora, Italy

    Happy New Year from Regalbuto


    My Christmas tree


    Happy new year everyone!🎅🎅
    by Valentin a French people.

    Swami and Salvatore, Italy
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year
    New year 2022