• Estournelles de Constant high school is situated in La Flèche, in west of France, between Angers and Le Mans and at about 200 kilometers far from Paris. 

    Our school welcomes about 1, 500 students in three different education trainings : general, technical and vocational courses. They are about from 14 to 20 years old and most of them will take the Baccalaureat exam at the end of a 3-year-cursus.

    The Erasmus+ project "Meeting the arts" involves 12 vocational classes and 7 teachers.

    The name of our school comes from a French diplomat and politician, Paul-Henri-Benjamin Balluet d'Estournelles, Baron de Constant de Rebecque (1852-1924). He dedicated himself to the cause of improving international relations and outlining a vision of a European union. He represented France at Hague Peace Conferences and won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1909.


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