• Nocera Inferiore is a town in Campania, Italy, in the province of Salerno, 40 km from Naples and only ten minutes from Pompei by train.

    It has a population of about 46.500 people.

    Nocera was built in the 10th century along the hill of the Fienga Castle Park.

    It was a regular stop for all the travellers of the Grand Tour, who went to Paestum or to the Divine Amalfi Coast.

    Today, thanks to the particularly valuable natural areas, Nocera is part of the protected Park of Lattari Mountines.

    Places of interest in Nocera:

    The Fienga Castle (10th century) and the Park surrounding St Andrew Hill.

    The Cathedral of St Prisco, built on the ancient Benedictine abbey; its interior houses the remains of the Saint Patron, St Prisco, who was the first bishop in Nocera.

    The Sanctuary of St Maria of Miracles, perched on the slopes of Mount Albino which shadows the town.

    The Archaelogical Museum in the Monastery of St Antonio; in the museum there is a library containing ancient books (cinquecentine), rare manuscripts and vases with inscriptions written in old Nucerian alphabet.

    The early Christian Baptistery of St Maria Maggiore, in Nocera Superiore, called "The Rotonda" owing to its round shape, second in Italy only to St. Giovanni in Laterano in Rome.



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