Europe in Love

Love is the thread and link between people and between countries. Love is the engine that drives and guides our lives. It is everywhere and there are many ways to love , all of them are valuable . Love has no borders , knows no language , no age . But our main objective in this project is to emphasize the idea of ​​a united Europe, where we are all...

Activity 17: Love poem

Create an acrostic poem related to your kind of love. Our love is Philia. Enjoy the poems of Reka and Marianna from Slovakia: :-)

People usually think about

How to find someone special.

It could be an angel, it could be a hero.

Let me introduce someone who

Is worth to be both:

A friend is perfect to make you whole. (Reka Zakal)


Positive things in life, you must appreciate them.

Hope you know, I'm here for you, my friend. 

I will support and help you in times of need, OK?

Longest relationship you will have in your life is with yourself.

Important to have good friends. 

As long as your life ends. (Marianna Somogyi)


Nuria Hurtado, María Beneit and Andrea Orduña, Spain

A sympathetic helpful person 

Gives disinterested love, comfort

And support to

People in poverty

Expecting nothing in return


Anke Kopitschko, Raoul Sandjong, Riccardo Kabongo

L ove is

U niqe and

D eep in

o U r

S elves







Paul&Justin-with no idea


Katharina & Sonja from Germany:

Live is short



U have to be

Sure in your choice!




Stella Ziff(Slovakia)

Part of our life, Love, what never can disappear, but

How can I be without you, my hearth brokes

If you goes to death. 

Live with stonesoul, Life with borders

Imagine it. I cannot. LIving in a lager without you Philia

Angels are singing in our hearth: Love,sister!


Melis Albrecht , Germany 

Lots of feelings inside 

Urged from the playfullnes of love

Do what we want

be there under the moonlight

Sexual tension has arrived 


Anna-Lena and Lina, Germany

Love is everywhere

U can feel it in thr air

During winter, spring, summer and fall

U can call

Someone will be there

Author: Judita Young
Last editor: Sonja Hannig