Europe in Love

Love is the thread and link between people and between countries. Love is the engine that drives and guides our lives. It is everywhere and there are many ways to love , all of them are valuable . Love has no borders , knows no language , no age . But our main objective in this project is to emphasize the idea of ​​a united Europe, where we are all...

Activity 9 (Types of LOVE coming into life)

Čonga Peter- Eros

My love would be as beautiful as the girl on the picture... And she is :-)



Imagine your type of love as a real person - draw, photoshop or describe in words what he or she would look like and what he or she is like: 

Example: I imagine Philia as a faithful little boy who has deep, honest, brown eyes, always smiles, has a good word for everyone, has a huge heart, and is always there for his friends.


Let me introduce this little girl, named Lizzie. She has a huge heart and she always takes care about her friends. Her best friend is her teddy bear but she loves all of her friends. She always takes care about her friends and shares everything she has. She's kind and she always smiles. For her friendship is the most important thing in the world that's why she has an open heart for every new friendship member who needs her. She's always there for her friends and never disappoints anyone.


According to me, Eros would be a person with red long hair. The hair shuold remind of the fire while the black eyes should remind the powerful land.



According to me Eros is a tall, sturdy man. He should have black hair and black eye. He should have tatoos. I like them!

I would like that His look was so emotional and so seductive....


I guess the eros as him ... a bad guy and at the same time with a good soul and unselfish


For me, Eros would be a boy with brown hair, not too much short and with the green or brown eyes. He should have a mystrious character. He should wear elegant clothes when needed and he should have many tatoos.


When i think of EROS I imagine this handsome man: Matt Bomer. He's  a very very attractive man. He's tall,muscled, and I love it ahahha. He's an icy stare and a curly hair. I hope I will find in my life a boy like this, because I'm really in love with him.


Elle, Sylvi, Tiia and Jenna - Finland

Philautia: We think that Philautia is a girl who is really confident and brave. Philautia is blonde and wears what she wants and dosen't care what others think about her. Philautia just enjoys life and loves herself in good way.



I imagine Agape as this lovely grandmother who has a very good and honest heart. She is always smiling and she likes helping others.



Susana Espinosa - SPAIN

I imagine Agape as a person who is very solidary, always helps needy people, is charitable and believes in God. An exemple could be Teresa de Calcuta. She was a lovely person and helped a lot of people.


Ainhoa Cano- SPAIN

Resultado de imagen de gandhi
I imagine the agape like Mahatma Gandhi because he helped other people severally and has a very great and sincere heart .
I choose Jesus because he sacrifice his live for all of as so that is Agape
Jorge López-Spain
l imagine Juan Pablo ll because he made lots of charity acts for all the poor persons and for the world



I imagine the agape like Martin Luther King because he defended the rights of everybody.


url.jpgI imagine the agape like Rosa Parks because she fought for equality between all the people.
We've chosen Giuseppe Moscati because he was an incredible person. he spent all his life helping poor and sick people and sacrified all his time just to make happy those who didn't have anything.
Goya Giménez (SPAIN)
Nelson Mandela
LUDUS from Germany
We picture Ludus as a beautiful woman with long eyelashes in a red dress. She is smiling and looking deep into your eyes!
LUCIA & IRENE FROM  SPAIN : the film intouchable
Melis Albrecht pictures Ludus like this:


Diego and Jorge-Spain                                                MARTIN LUTHER KING


Salva Naharros

Nelson Mandela 


Karin Frühwald, Slovakia

I imagine Philia as a fairy. She is an adult girl. She has long, dark hair and she always wears long, colorful dresses with no shoes. She always cares about people and of course about her friends. She is always happy. She loves unconditionally everyone. I think she looks like the girl on the picture without wings. 

Képtalálat a következőre: „fairy”

Flora Sedlar, Slovakia

I imagine Philia as little girl, about 10 years old. She treats everybody in a kind way, she is polite and straightforward. She is suppurtive to her friends, they know that she is loyal to tham and they can thrust her with their secrets and non-secrets. She is honest, rational but empathic as well, therefore she always gives the right advices for those who ask. She is confident and always helps the ones in need. She is not expecting anything in return, she is not selfish at all. If there is a difficult situation she has to face, she never loses hope and never gives up.


Marianna Somogyi, Slovakia

I imagine Philia as a very kind and generous little boy who always laughs, thinks positively and has one, but a really true friend. He is quite a confident person and he is honest, so he always tells the truth, like every children. He supports, respects and usually listens to his friend. He knows that having a good friend and being a good friend is an importan part of our lifes.


Pablo Calabuig

Author: Judita Young
Last editor: Dori Villarreal