Europe in Love

Love is the thread and link between people and between countries. Love is the engine that drives and guides our lives. It is everywhere and there are many ways to love , all of them are valuable . Love has no borders , knows no language , no age . But our main objective in this project is to emphasize the idea of ​​a united Europe, where we are all...

Activity 10: Love is everywhere!

Raoul Sandjong, Germany

A heart made by the nature

Čonga Peter

A heart I made for my grandpa.


When you have a close look , you can find love everywhere ! 

Look out for heart shaped things in your surroundings and take a picture!

A 'bleeding heart' plant from my garden in Northern Ireland.


Väinö, Finland



I found this rock that looks like heart.

Paavo Ristola, Finland




Lovely snapshot :D

Silvia Mucsková



Philia-the REAL friendship!



Flora Sedlar (Slovakia)

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt heart in nature


Réka Szőcs, Slovakia

Philia :)



Bálint Sloboda, Slovakia

A fine example of broship :D



I found theese dishes at Ikea! I think that I fell in love!




Giulia Castellino, Italy

Red as passion and sweet as love!



Love found in the woods near Colo





(Irene Tornero and Lucía Martínez SPAIN) A heart made of colour crayons.



Un corazón con forma de hoja. (Elle y Tiia - Finlandia)



Jenna Korjula, Finland

I took this picture with Elle Frondelius.



Breadroll cortada, resultó ser un corazón.


Estas flores de amor de primavera! 


Piedras con amor!



corazón blanco en forma de nube en el cielo azul. (Andrea - España)



a piece of fruit with a heart inside. AINHOA CANO- SPAIN



Red sweet hearts- (Susana Espinosa, SPAIN)


Fashion heart sunglasses.






Zoe López and Inés Valladolid-Spain

María López and Sara Castro 








Jorge López Riesgo


Katalin Jančo- Slovakia



Eveliina Valander- Finland

Kuvahaun tulos haulle heart shaped latte


Kaj Kujala - Finland


Ziff Stella (SLOVAKIA)


Diego and Jorge-Spain


Salva Naharros


Marianna Somogyi - Slovakia


Oksana Jacenko

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt heart shaped things


Anna Farkas

This awesome picture was made on the trip to Köln ♥♥♥


Karin Frühwald, Slovakia

Animals are full of love, too :)))

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Author: Anna Reszler
Last editor: Silvia Mucskova