Following the Footprints of the Emperors

We are studying Roman Empire heritages, its effects on our culture and civilizations and make our students understand we have a lot of things in common

The Project

Following the footprints of the Emperors – a project sponsored by the EU

“Following the footprints of the Emperors” is a strategic partnership between Turkey, Romania, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia, which will run from 2015-2018. The project is sponsored by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

A vast cultural heritage

Each partner country once belonged to the Roman Empire. For three years, students and teachers from schools of the said countries are going to discover and overcome the borders of the largest and most powerful empire of the ancient world and both reconstruct and experience the empire’s vast cultural heritage.

Discovering the traces and influences of the Roman Empire

By cooperating on an international level and visiting each other, the participants will have the opportunity to discover the traces and influences of the Roman Empire in and on culture, language, literature, social life, religion and architecture both in their respective home country and in the partner countries.

Understanding, appreciating and overcoming differences

By reconstructing the traces of the old empire, the participants are going to demonstrate that we are part of the same cultural area and that we have a unique cultural background and common characteristics that unite us and help us to understand, appreciate and overcome linguistic, cultural, social, racial and religious differences.

Author: Hasan DURMAZ
Last editor: Hasan DURMAZ