• Each partner school organises a school club where students working directly on the project meet every week to work on the ongoing project activities.

    They also execute the LEARNING TEACHING TRAINING ACTIVITIES before and after the short exchanges and get ready for the exchanges.


    The tasks of the Erasmus+ Club are:

    - Carry out all the project activities in the periodic meetings, which are established in advance by each member school.

    - Divulge these activities inside and outside the Educational Community.

    - Host students from other member schools when being the host country.

    - Visiting partner schools on planned student exchange mobilities in order to carry out mutual activities, the analysis of mutual studies, represent their home schools and countries and exchange good practices.

    The conditions for being able to participate in the Erasmus+ Club are featured in the “Participation Contract”, to be signed by the parents, students and teachers of the project, and which are the following:

    1. A commitment to attend all the meetings scheduled by each member school. - Students must participate actively in all the project activities.
    2. Minimum linguistic competence (A2).
    3. Agree with the regulation of responsible participation in the use of social media and eTwinning Platform.


    Besides the team of teachers taking active part in the Erasmus+ Club, other teachers and staff members of the school will collaborate chaperoning students in the mobilities as well as carrying out some of the specific activities when required. The rest of the teachers will take part indirectly by helping the students who participate in the mobilities to carry on smoothly with their school programme. The management of the member schools will totally support the project by including it in the Annual Academic Programme. The parents of the students taking part in the Erasmus+ Club will also be involved indirectly but performing an important role by allowing their children to participate in the Club, by offering to host students from abroad, by being witnesses to all the work achieved and by sharing their experience with other families.