• In this short-term exchange of students we will execute various creative, challenging and artistic activities and workshops in which students will present their culture, traditions and overcoming of the language obstacles. The main aim of all the activities concerning languages will be to raise students' awareness about how precious their own traditions, culture and language is and also to appreciate and respect other cultures, traditions and languages.

    It will also be important and interesting for them to experience the way other participating schools and countries perceive their own culture and language. BEAUTIFUL WORDS WORKSHOP Oral presentations by each delegation about the 20 most beautiful words translated into the 5 languages used in the project. Spain will show the final result using QR codes. This activity contributes to the development of the linguistic and communication skills as students will learn the meaning of all these words in the different languages and digital skills too. We will arrange a DANCE WORKSHOP in which the students will present their national traditional dances and try out other partners’ dances. This activity will contribute to the development of the bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence. Using the Anthem of Europe as a linker, students will write a stanza on their own language. All the stanzas will be joined in LET´S SING TOGEHER and the final result will be the own anthem of the project will contribute to development of the musical intelligence. There will be some workshops on the use of languages, where students will do some drama and role-plays in different languages. We will come up with a short play that will be performed at the end of the mobility. The students will stay with the host families in order to learn about the Spanish culture and habits.

    In school they will attend lessons and learn about the Spanish school system. The visiting teachers will also attend some lessons in which they will see the different teaching methodologies used at school. Next to these activities, there will also be time for cultural visits, so we will visit the Imperial city of the three cultures for the cultural influences of Christians, Muslims and Jews. We will document all the activities with photos and videos. Students will make a final presentation of all the activities they took part in throughout the week and present them at the end of the week in groups.