• In this short-term exchange of students we will execute various creative, challenging, but also caring activities and workshops in which students will show their way of thinking and acting when it comes to certain values like relationships, friendship, family life, culture, manners, their own history, clothes and other possessions. The main aim of all the activities concerning values will be to raise students' awareness about how “rich” they are and how “free” they are in their way of thinking and acting. It will also be important and interesting for them to experience the way values work in all the participating schools and countries. That's why we are going to present the statistical data on values that will be gathered in pre-mobility activitiy. We will try to enlighten their perception of the world by making them look through “other people's” eyes and make them counscious of the differences. They will discuss the differences in mixed groups and present their outcomes. At the end they will create some posters presenting the importance of their values as well as the European values.

    The students will stay with host families in order to learn about the Dutch culture and habits and learn about the Dutch values in “common” families. In school they will attend some parts of lessons and learn about the Dutch school system. The visiting teachers will also attend some parts of the lessons in which they will see and learn how IT is used in the regular lessons. The Dutch students use I-pads in all the lessons. The students and the teachers will learn about the so called “Rots en Water”, which is a training/course for “raising self-awareness”. This is very important for the students and it is mandatory for all the 7th and 8th grade students in Dutch schools. We will also give some workshops on the internet safety. This will be done by one of the IT coordinators. Moreover, the students and the teachers will learn some historical facts about the Netherlands in a special history lesson. Next to these activities, there will also be time for cultural visits, so we will visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Later, the students will work with “Van Gogh” in a special Art lesson at school . They will visit Leiden, the city where the most famous painter “Rembrandt van Rhijn” was born. Since sports play an important role in Dutch schools, we will also do some sports during the exchange week. PE teachers will organize a special sports tournament in the afternoon. We will document all the activities with photos and videos. Students will make a final presentation of all the activities they took part in throughout the week and present them at the end of the week in groups.