Our Youth - Speeding on the Information Highway?

A marvellous project which aims at looking at the global information society, and form intra-European bonds characterised by love, passion and mutual understanding.

2017-05-Erasmus Groups

In our Project we were splitted into 4 Groups

The first group was the "Reporters Print Group". They made a newspaper about the whole project of this week in Germany. Here you can see a grouppicture:


Alexander, Johannes, Felix, Timo, Tarmo, Mrs. Revand, Jasmin, Galliane, Dirane, Mrs. Hirschmann


The second group was the "Reporters Online Group" they documented the whole week also, but with modern help. They posted pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat  to keep the people always updated.


Villma, Lotta, Sara, Sophia, Steffi, Monia, Emma, Doris


The third group was the "Photo Group" they dealed with the big topic of the week and tried to bring this into pictures.

Melina, Carina, Miriam, Jannis, Aino, Jade, Lucie, Eva


The next group is the "Creative Group" they wanted to show the topic in an how the name says creative way. Here they are:

Michelle, Hanna, Franziska, Pinja, Samuli, Alizee, Aghate


And the last group is the "Video Group":

Mr. Schaupp, Sarah, Niklas, Benedikt, Anne-Mari, Empsu, Jade, Cloe,

Author: Stefanie Galler
Last editor: Maximilian Zeintl