Our Youth - Speeding on the Information Highway?

A marvellous project which aims at looking at the global information society, and form intra-European bonds characterised by love, passion and mutual understanding.

2017-02-Survey with the refugee class

Members of the Erasmus+ group with students of the refugee class.


We interviewed 13 refugees (3 Syrians, 9 Afghans, 1 Irianian) about their experiences with social media in their home country.

The first part was about their access to Facebook and Instagram. This is our result:

All of the pupils told us that in all of their countries there is censorship for the internet but they outsmart the system anyway.

They also told us which other networks they use and why they use them.


They use it to stay in contact with friends and family in their hometown and to meet new people. Furthermore they use it to get information about the current situation in their homecountry, the news and to learn for school with youtube videos.

In conclusion it's their gateway to the world. 


2017-02-07 Mureck

Michelle, Pia, Benedikt


Author: Michelle Schober
Last editor: Maximilian Zeintl