• Austria mobility photos

    Group photo taken on Monday at the start of the self-guided city walk

    Hard at work in the workshops

    Printing a Connecting EU poster on our new poster printer

    This poster is intended to develop brand recognition for our Connecting EU project within our schools. The national "Robin" characters are inspired by Roger Hargreaves' "Mr Men" series and are intended to help build a relationship, break down barriers and make the project seem approachable and fun - even teenagers and young adults can find these characters playful and fun.

    The background of the poster shows circuitboard connections which links strongly to the technical aspect of our project.

    The poster shows the three main elements of our project: online learning tools, industry 4.0 and webshop development.

    New logo for the Weltladen shop incorporating our Connecting EU "Robin" character

    The Weltladen store at Kuniberg Berufskolleg is centrally located in the entrance area of the school and is open every school day. On offer are fiar trade food, sustainably produced stationery as well as fairly and sustainably produced gift articles. The shop works in partnership with an organisation in Peru.

    This is the store's existing logo:

    We wanted the logo for the webshop to reflect the existing logo of the store for brand recognition, yet be more modern and link clearly to the Connecting EU project.

    Marketing output: A poster advertising the Weltladen shop

    One of the many highlights was meeting Muhanad, an Iraqi refugee who was able to pass on some of his experiences and advise on how we could best reach refugees with our project.

    On Friday we presented the work from our various workshops.

    The small print

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