Newsletter 3 (DE)

  • The domain for the online shop was bought ( and set up.

    Full-time business administration students of KBK took photos of items, composed informative descriptions of the products to be sold (including the puzzle pieces manufactured by the Connecting EU-team), researched about pricing in general and outlined why pricing at ‘Weltladen’ differs from the pricing policy of the free competitive market.


    The Video on „The History of Automation“ was completed and published by Vyssi odborna skola. It introduces viewers to the historical processes that led to the development of Smart Innovative

    Finland mobility cancelled

    The Finland mobility which was supposed to take place in January, was cancelled due to the latest COVID 19 developments. It is postponed until May 2022.


    In December 2021 an online project day involving students from all 5 countries took place. Hereby the “new” students were introduced to the project and its general goals. Additionally, groups of 5 students (one student per country) prepared PowerPoint-presentations on the topics:

    • “Industry 4.0-What is it?”
    • “Industry 4.0-Examples”,
    • “Additive manufacturing (3D-priniting- What are the benefits?”
    • “Industry 5.0 What’s coming next?”, which they later presented to the whole group

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