Newsletter 1 (ES)

  • Introduction

    Logo competition

    As a result of our meeting in Spain we agreed to hold a compeition across all schools to design the project logo. This was voted on in November 2019.

    Two candidate logos were chosen for the final vote:

    The winning logo was candidate 1 (left). It was created by Vilma Niemenmaa at Sataedu in Finland. This was further developed by Graham Crewe, the Austrian project coordinator to produce our final logo:

    One benefit of this logo is that it gave us a little character which we christened "Robin" to play with in our future work.

    We became used to seeing Robin dressed in all our national flags... well as the EU flag of course...

    We then used this logo to create our Connecting EU roll-up which was used in all the mobilities:

    The small print

    Feedback? Please email us: we would love to hear from you.

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