Anno-Gymnasium , Siegburg Germany



    ANNO-GYMNASIUM is a Secondary Education Public School situated in Siegburg, Germany.

    Currently, 1005 students, aged 10-18, attend the school and 89 teachers are working here. ANNO has a history of over 400 years since it was was founded as a Latin school in 1593/1594. Today the school has a English-German bilingual branch which makes it possible to take bilingual A-Levels parallel to the privige for our school to award the European Excellence label CertiLingua to very gifted and studious students. Additionally our school holds the labels

    "School without Racism - School with Courage","School of Diversity" and "MINT-friendly school". In June 2015, Anno-Gymnasium was the first school in North Rhine-Westphalia to carry out the three-day project "School as a State". In order to make democratic, rule of law and market-economy structures comprehensible, students and teachers were given equal opportunity to become citizens of the simulated state. Our exchange programmes have long tradtions to partner schools in France, Italy, USA and Japan. This year ANNO has applied for the Europan Debate on Climate Change called “Your Europe, Your Say! 2020”.