• In our project we are creating a chained story that is going to cross all the partner schools. 

    Check out our chained story - this is collaborative work of students from all the partner schools.

    We warmly await the next chapters of this beautiful story ...

    Here you can read the different chapters of the story as it evolves with the contribution of all the partner schools:

    Book titled 'CHAINED STORY'

    Agrupamento de Escolas de Pombal, Portugal 

    Students building the cover of the linked story notebook. The authors who started this wonderful story, we were the only ones:

    Primary school students started to create a creative cover for the story notebook.

    Students building the cover of the storybook.

    In a collaborative way, 2 classes from different cycles started writing a linked story about the effects of garbage on marine ecosystems. The built creative ilustrations about it.