Last surveys. Results.


    After having finished this project, students and teachers have filled out these last surveys.


    Click on the links to have a look at the results we've got from the surveys:

    Name 5 ingredients you consider the most important in a Mediterranean diet.
    Olive oil, tomatoe, onion, orange and yogurth
    Olive oil, potato, pepper, apple and lentils
    Oil olive paella yogur griego naranjas vegetal
    meat, vegetables, olive oil, fruit, cereals
    oil,fish,egg,dairy products and meats
    olive oil, fruit, vegetables
    Oil olive, cereals, fish, vegetables and fruit.
    Olive oil, eggs, fish, cereals, meat
    Olive oil, Tomato, Letuce, Apple, orange
    Oil olive vegetal fruta paella and fish
    olive oil,llegumbs,nuts,fruits,vegetables
    carne,pasta,verduras,aceite de oliva,pescao
    olive oil, tomato, meat, fish and cereals.
    olive oil, eggs, chicken, turkey and vegetables
    Olive oil, tomatoe, onion, orange and yogurth
    Tantuni karnıyarık lahmacun içliköfte çiğköfte
    Fruit, vegetable, breakfast items, milk, yoghurt
    Tea olive cheese honey bread
    cheese, egg, olives, fruit, meat
    Cucumber ,egg ,cheese ,green vegetables,olive
    Tomato,lemon, fig,olive,pomegranate
    olive oil, seafood, meat, wheat and lemon
    Fruit, vegetables, dairy products, legumes
    Olive oil, fruits, vegetables, fish, pulses
    Olive Oil, vegetables, fish, herbs, nuts.
    olive oil, olives, fish,garlic,onion,tomato



    For most of the students, this is the first time they have participated in an eTwinning project.

    They are now aware of the important of having a good breakfast. They all agree on the most important and valuable ingredient of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil. They also find fruits and vegetables are basic and we must take at least 5 servings of them everyday.

    As for the activities, the most interesting ones for students are those in which they interact to make decissions, to give feedbak, to help each other, mainly to produce a collaborative output.

    Most of the students would like to participate again in an eTwinning project and do more synchronous collaborative activities.


    For more than half of the teachers, this is the first time in an eTwinning project. Not for co-founders!. And they all enjoyed it a lot, and have the perception so did the students as well.

    Teachers have been asked about the quality criteria (from 0 to 5, highest mark). Those are the average marks: 

    a) Innovation and creativity: 4

    b) Integration of the curriculum: 4

    c) Collaboration among schools: 4.2

    d) Use of technology: 4.4

    e) Results, impact and documentation: 4



    For almost three quarters of the families, this was the first time their children took part in an eTwinning project and they all found it very interesting, useful and creative.

    They exprese great satisfaction, especially as for what the project has meant for them during the COVID19 lockdown. 

    They also noticed the most interesting activities children talked about at home are those developed in international collaborative groups.