Distribution of tasks

  • We will use this page to distribute the tasks of the project. Collaborating is one of the most important factors in a successful eTwinning project.


    So, please, feel free choose at least one task in te table.

    Please write your name in front of the task you want to carry out.


    Teacher name Task Deadline
    Ana Merchán Editing pages -
    Vasiliki Papaioannou Editing pages -
    students Students editing their profiles 21-oct to 7-nov
    Sergio Piqueres Partner's Map 25-oct
    Ana Merchán First survey for teachers 31-oct
    Ana Merchán First survey for students 31-oct
    Vasiliki Papaioannou Creating a forum for student's introduction 28-oct
    all teachers Enrolling students in the Twinspace 1-Nov
    all teachers

    Media permission certificates

    all students Posting in the student's forum  7-nov
    student administrators Organising tasks for the creation of recipes and cookig the dishes May 2020
    students  offering questions for the Kahoot! May 2020
    all teachers creating kahoot! May 2020