the Med Diet ebook

  • We collaborate so as to create a digital book of traditional recipes of our Mediterranean countries and healthy lifestyle, as well

    (international groups)

    In this task, students worked in international groups to record the recipes' and the sports' video. 


    Pupils administrators have collaborated by editing the final and amazing ebook with the contents of the corresponding padlet.


    The post in the padlets are the main ingredients for the ebook!

    1. Breakfast team. Padlet link
    2. Starters team. Padlet link
    3. Main course team. Padlet link
    4. Dessert team. Padlet link
    5. Sports team. Padlet link

    The ebook

    This activity has been amazing. How with the same ingredients, students have been able to delight us with such creative recipes. The most important part of the activity is that they have had to get communicated to each other so as to, for example, ask for the inclussion of one more ingredient to fit it to the recipe they were thinking about. And the result is the compilation of recipes and sports they love.

    Pupils administrators edited this ebook! 

    A proof that we all share and love the Mediterranean diet.

    Click on the image to visit the ebook!