ZZ Migrants and Refugees 2015

This project will bring together students from France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. They will focus on the topic of refugees in Europe. Through literature, sharing our personal stories and meetings in the community, our students will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a migrant or a refugee, and thus a better understanding ...

Activity 5: The refugee experience in literature.


Several schools in the project will read a book about a refugee experience, and at the end of the project, will write book reviews and reactions to be included in the project magazine.  Reading will be given in the following manner, focusing on the following themes and activities inspired from the activity pack found on www.teachit.co.uk :

  • Part I:  chapters 1 - 7.  Defining key terms, making inferences.
  • Part II:  chapters 8 - 15.  Exploring different points of view.
  • Part III:  chapters 16 - 22.  Exploring the theme of truth vs. falsehood or dishonesty.
  • Part IV:  chapters 23 - 29.  Bullying.
  • Part V:  chapters 30 - 36.  Taking action.
  • Part VI:  chapters 37 - 42.  Exploring the concept of 'home' for a refugee.
Author: Heather Bainbridge
Last editor: Kristie Baldwin