ZZ Migrants and Refugees 2015

This project will bring together students from France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. They will focus on the topic of refugees in Europe. Through literature, sharing our personal stories and meetings in the community, our students will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a migrant or a refugee, and thus a better understanding ...

Activity 1: Introducing ourselves: November 1-7


 Students will introduce themselves, their school and their personal backgrounds

Make a pdf and/or a short video to introduce your group.

Tell us about who you are, where you are, what is interesting about your school?  How many pupils are there in your class?  Talk about your family background: are you the product of immigration in your country?  Without researching your answer, what would you say about the history and current state of immigration in your country?

These introductory pages will serve as an introduction to our final magazine and will complement any videoconference chats we manage to have over the first week, so that all the partner schools can get to know each other.


                                               Hovseter skole, Norway

                                    College Jacques Monod, France

Our video introduction:

A glog presentation including a little video about our class and our backgrounds:


A glog presentation about our school:


College Henri Brunet in Caen,France


Schillerschule, Germany


Carolus Clusius, Netherlands

Author: Heather Bainbridge
Last editor: Kristie Baldwin