ZZ Migrants and Refugees 2015

This project will bring together students from France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. They will focus on the topic of refugees in Europe. Through literature, sharing our personal stories and meetings in the community, our students will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a migrant or a refugee, and thus a better understanding ...

Project Journal

  • Here is the video made for the project. Great job to all the students involved!

    - Posted by Kristie Baldwin, 25.09.2017

  • Our European prize certificate.

    E twinning prix europeaen certificat-page-001.jpg

    - Posted by Kristie Baldwin, 25.09.2017

  • Pretty busy organizing the Celebration Ceremony...22 May with Heather. And hopefully the filming in June.

    - Posted by Amanda van Dijk, 26.04.2017

  • It seems we have won the European Prize for projects 11-15! Congratulations to all! https://www.etwinning.net/fr/pub/highlights/european-prizes-winners-2017.htm
    - Posted by Kristie Baldwin, 13.03.2017

  • Congratulations to all--we've won a European Quality Label!


    - Posted by Kristie Baldwin, 30.11.2016