ZZ Migrants and Refugees 2015

This project will bring together students from France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. They will focus on the topic of refugees in Europe. Through literature, sharing our personal stories and meetings in the community, our students will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a migrant or a refugee, and thus a better understanding ...

Activity 2: Refugees or Migrants? November 8-14

Students will participate in the creation of a padlet, responding to the general question, "What is a refugee?"

Each class will be divided into two groups.  Each group will add to their school's padlet (links below). 

  • Group one will add to the first padlet, which asks them what the word 'refugee' makes them think of. 
  • Group two will add to the second padlet, which asks them what the words 'migrant' and 'immigrant' make them think of.

They can ask themselves the question, what does a refugee/migrant look like? What do I associate with this word? How would I define the word? Who do I think of? Pupils can add words, images, photos or anything else that inspires them.

The padlets will serve as discussion starters and food for thought for the entire project.  What preconceived ideas do our refugee descriptions show?  Are immigrants and refugees considered the same, based on our descriptions?


Here is a 2 minute tutorial about how to use padlets.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYy-6z2xHi4


College Monod:



College Brunet:



College Carolus Clusius:



Hovseter skole:



Schillerschule Hannover:




DEADLINE for this task: 13th and 14th November 2015

Outcome: students from each school can look over all the padlets and see what other students have commented, images chosen. A comparison of the two brainstorming sessions could result in looking up dictionary definitions of the terms and a class discussion about our pre-conceived ideas.  Talk about labelling.  Write up the results in a short article to be included in the final magazine.

Author: Heather Bainbridge
Last editor: Kristie Baldwin