ZZ Migrants and Refugees 2015

This project will bring together students from France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. They will focus on the topic of refugees in Europe. Through literature, sharing our personal stories and meetings in the community, our students will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a migrant or a refugee, and thus a better understanding ...

Activity 4: Writing our project magazine. December 1-18

Using all the resources from the previous activities, students will write articles for a joint magazine, on how the partner countries are affected by the European refugee crisis.  Students will produce their magazine using www.madmagz.com.  Students will submit their ideas for articles by NOV 28th to avoid duplicates.

What will the magazine include?

Collège Brunet: 

an interview with France Terre d'Asile (Felicie)

A personal example of refugees, from someone who has worked with them (Ali)

A collection of short articles (brèves) talking about our own personal imigration stories (Zelie, Abdoulaye)

A page on where migrants/refugees are going/settling in Europe (Louis, Simon)

A presentation of Collège Brunet (Zein)

An interview with... (Pierre)

Legal terms and definitions: what is a refugee and what are his/her rights? (Qasim)

Collège Monod:

An interview with Catherine Gladwell, founder of Refugee Support Network in London (Jonathan and Cédric)

An interview with Mr Albarian, a former refugee who fled Lebanon in the 1970s (Louis and Antoinette)

An interview with Joy Johnston, from the Home Office in the British government about bringing Syrian refugees into Britain.

A summary of where the refugees in Europe are coming from (Emma and Eveline)

Possibly some personal reactions to the book 'The Other Side of Truth' by Beverley Naidoo (but we've not finished it!)


Hovseter skole, Oslo

An interview with Anne Kari Østberg, head of Citizenship and Immigration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Alexandra and Michelle interviewing the mother of one of the students)

An interview with Åshild Kolås, research professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo (Kristian, Maren, Caroline)

An interview with the parents of one of the Somali students (Fardowso, Hani, Siham)

A summary of why refugees are leaving the Middle East 1 (Anna V, Caroline)

A summary of why refugees are leaving the Middle East 2 (Dina, Selma, Maren)

A summary of why refugees are leaving the Middle East 3 (Lukas)

Personal reactions to the book "The Other Side of Truth", Beverly Naidoo (Alexandra, Charlotte, Selma)


Gymnasium Schillerschule, Hannover


An interview with a refugee from Eritrea

A report about a football tournament

A report: Why do people leave their countries?

Author: Heather Bainbridge
Last editor: Kristie Baldwin