1st Day

  • The first day of the first short - term exchange of the groups of the pupils started with the official welcome in Slovak hosting school.

    The project partners from Greece, Portugal and Italy were welcomed by the members of the Slovak project team and the representatives of the school with traditional folk dances in traditional costumes with ancient Slavian tradition with bread and salt.


    We prepared for our project students some ice - breaking activities with the goal get to know well and increasing of social competences among them. We also divided them into 5 international teams in which they worked during the whole week.

    After "ice - breaking" activities started the first project activity of this day - T-shirt workshop. Pupils in their teams started to make, create and decorate their own T-shirts which expressed the Right to play. Their hand - stamp was their signature which declared their knowledge and understanding the right to play.



    This understanding the pupils declared also with the hand stamp on roll - up which is placed in the public part of Slovak school.


    We went to Town Hall in the afternoon.

    The Mayor of the town oficially welcomed the project teachers and pupils in the meeting room in Town Hall what empasised the importance of the international projects in general.



    The last activity of this day was held outside around the Manor House which is the most famous cultural and historical place in Humenne. The pupils in their international teams recorded the short movies about this place of interest.




    Here is a short summary of whole day: