• Here are the main outputs from the 1st short - term exchange of groups of pupils which took place in Slovakia, Humenne, 10th February 2020 to 14th February 2020

    TEAM_1_Digital story in ENGLISH

    TEAM_1_Digital story in SLOVAK LANGUAGE ðŸ‡¸ðŸ‡°

    TEAM_1_Digital story in PORTUGUESE 🇵🇹

    TEAM_1_Digital story in ITALIAN LANGUAGE🇮🇹

    TEAM_1_Digital story in GREEK ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡·


    TEAM_2_Digital story in ENGLISH

    TEAM_2_Digital story in SLOVAK LANGUAGE ðŸ‡¸ðŸ‡°

    TEAM_2_Digital story in PORTUGUESE ðŸ‡µðŸ‡¹

    TEAM_2_Digital story in ITALIAN ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡¹

    TEAM_2_Digital story in GREEK🇬🇷


    TEAM_3_Digital story in ENGLISH

    TEAM_3_Digital story in SLOVAK LANGUAGE ðŸ‡¸ðŸ‡°

    TEAM_3_Digital story in PORTUGUESE ðŸ‡µðŸ‡¹

    TEAM_3_Digital story in ITALIAN ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡¹

    TEAM_3_Digital story in GREEK🇬🇷


    TEAM_4_Digital story in ENGLISH

    TEAM_4_Digital story in SLOVAK LANGUAGE ðŸ‡¸ðŸ‡°

    TEAM_4_Digital story in PORTUGUESE ðŸ‡µðŸ‡¹

    TEAM_4_Digital story in ITALIAN LANGUAGE🇮🇹

    TEAM_4_Digital story in GREEK🇬🇷


    TEAM_5_Digital story in ENGLISH

    TEAM_5_Digital story in SLOVAK LANGUAGE ðŸ‡¸ðŸ‡°

    TEAM_5_Digital story in PORTUGUESE ðŸ‡µðŸ‡¹

    TEAM_5_Digital story in ITALIAN LANGUAGE🇮🇹

    TEAM_5_Digital story in GREEK🇬🇷