• Let's co-design the project mascot. 

    Teachers take photos of and keep a brief journal of changes the pupils make to the Google drawing below. 

    "Get together with your pupils, experiment with shapes and colors, and download the result or take a screenshot. Take a photo of your children "drawing" the mascot online and upload both screenshot and photo on the Materials section/Folder: Mascot." 

    Let's try and have this activity completed before November 9th so that Lisa M and her pupils have time to make the mascot based on our cooperative drawing and send it to Lisa S before November 30th who will mail it to Larisa just before the Christmas break. Larisa will have mailed it to Anthi and Natalia by January 15th.

    Step 1

    3rd Graders, Section 2 - drawing on Thursday October 24th

    (see documentation video of starting and completing the design at the bottom of the content page)


    Step 2

    2nd Graders, Section 2 - drawing on Thursday October 31st 


                                   Adding hair ...

     ...     ...         ...

           ...     ...                  

                                               ... finished!


    Step 3

    4th Graders (4a) - drawing on the 4th of November, on Monday. One of the interesting activities in the project.

    Decorating a T-shirt and jeans.



    Step 4

    Class: C1(third graders), 10th P.S. Helioupolis, Greece  Date: 7/11/2019

    C1 students enjoyed editing the project mascot drawing they got from their partners!They loved colouring in the various mascot shapes with their favourite colours! All the pupils were super excited!

    (screenshot, photo)


    Step 5

    1st and 2nd Graders - making the maskot on Thursday November 28th

    One week later, the mascot is finished:

    Step 6

    1st and 2nd Graders - sending the mascot to our partners in Germany. Have a good trip!

    Suggesting names for our Mascot


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