C4-Evaluación. Escritos.

  • Se ha realizado de dos maneras:

    -Los participantes ha escrito en el idiome con el que se sintieran más cómodo expresándose lo que ha supuesto para ellos el participar en el proyecto y en la movilidad.

    Los escritos han sido los siguientes:

    Greek team:

    Angelina Eleftheraki.pdf

    Giannis Kakavelakis.rtf.pdf

    Manos Pimplis.docx.pdf

    Apostolis Travagiakis.pdf

    Georgia and Anna.pdf

    Ejemplo Apostolois: "To sum everything up it was an amazing experience, something i may not have done by myself and the people in the program were amazing both teachers and students".


    Bulgarian team

    Feedback_Mobility in Spain . Students Bulgarian Team.pdf

    Maya Boneva .pdf

    María Eniska.pdf

    Ejemplo Maya: "I loved sharing the experience with the Erasmus group.
    The things I learned were centered around weee and air quality. We went to a recycling company and also got to hear a c All of these experiences combined together helped me learn a lot and made me a better member of the community. It’s always a good idea to learn about air pollution and in general about a worldwide problem that you can help solve. It’s important to be aware and educated. So, I am very thankful for this experience, and I will never forget it".


    Spanish team

    MC_(María del Carmen).pdf




    Evaluación. Adolfo y Jesús.pdf

    Ejemplo MC:"The atmosphere of this trip was always very pleasant and positive. We also had some cultural visits in Seville where I could strengthen our bond with the Erasmus students and even with my Spanish colleagues. I did really enjoy my stay with them in the rural house in Huelva. We had the chance to discover different cultures and improve our English communication skills. Our excellent teachers also deserve special recognition and praise, as they were the ones who organized our stayings and took us along beautiful hiking trails while we continued working on analyzing the air quality. They also partook in the cultural exchange and they even cooked representative dishes from each country for the students.
    I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to participate in this project.
    This has become an unforgettable experience.