Diest - 27 to 31 January 2020

  • Diest/Belgium


    Teachers' and students' assignment

    Official "Hello" of the City of Diest
    Digital Teachers: Assignment 1

    Present your school "Digitalization and smart learning at my school"

    Digital Students: Assignment B

    "Welcome to my smart classroom"

    Welcome to Diest! #digitaleuropeans
    Team Diest (Belgium)
    First day of work in Diest (Belgium)


    Work work work work work work ...


    Globalization and Digitalization - Ideas and results:

    Best practice of the partner schools:
    - Work placement/Internship abroad (ERASMUS+)

    - School partnership

    - Diversity of the classrooms: classroom management

    - Integration of refugees

    - Exchange programmes

    - Supporting developing countries

    - European simulation Games

    - Creating Wikis

    - Digital Classrooms/workplacement (ThingLink, 360┬░): Digital Pharmacy, Digital Shop

    APPS and websites:
    - padlet
    - Thinglink



    Digital Students: Presenting all over Europe

    How do you use PowerPoint in a different way?

    Digital Teachers: Collaborative presentation work
    Real News vs. Fake News: www.getbadnews.com

    Fakenews: Game for students

    Digital Teachers: Assignment for students

    PowerPoint Alternative

    Digital Teachers

    Students' Hospitation

    Digital Students

    Digital Teachers

    Globalziation and digitalization change teaching and learning

    Globalization and digitalization change teaching and learning
    Digital Students: Thinglink by our Digital Europeans in Diest

    This is what happens when Bieke Van Gelder (Belgian English teacher) welcomes the Erasmus students into her classroom.

    Globalization and digitalization change teaching and learning

    Digital teachers: Presentation of the teachers' survey

    Aftermovie Digital Europeans in Diest (Belgium)
    Escape Room for the students
    Overview of the Erasmus week in Diest (Belgium)

    Who does what and who is involved in which activities

    Info for the host families

    Meeting on 14.01.2020 with teachers and host families

    Walk in Brussels with the project teachers and students
    Schedule of the Erasmus+ week in Belgium

    What the Erasmus+ week on digitalization and globalization looks like

    During Covid-19
    Meran (25 October 2021-29 October 2021)

    Connecting with our Digital European Colleagues again