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    OCTOBER 2019

    Logo Contest
    -the rules for the logo contest will be published onTwinspace
    -posters with the logo contest will be displayed in classes and on the Erasmus + board
    -each school will organize the logo contest at school level, will decide on their own voting system, will declare the winner and diplomas will be offered to pupils
    -the next step will be logo contest at partnership level, the winning logo will be declared the logo of the project and it will be used on all documents related to the project and on promotional materials
    -the logo o the project will be set as profile picture on the Facebook page and on Twinspace

    C1: Short-term joint staff training events

    Jibou, Romania, 21-25 October 2019

    eTwinning mentorship:
    The eTwinning ambassador will create a general presentation about eTwinning Live Platform – what benefits and opportunities can it offer to schools and teachers


    SEPTEMBER 2019

    Presentation of the project:
    Each partner will be responsible to make the project visible at school and in the local community. There will be meetings with the management and school staff to present every detail of the project, to create a final project team.

    Parents of the participating pupils will be announced and presented the project to them. Erasmus + board and corner will be created in every school for its visibility and later for dissemination of the activities.

    English Test 1:
    Designing/creating the English test (diagnostic test) to to determine students’ level (according to CEFR) Responsible: - Romania:
    Each school will administer the English test to determine the pupils' level at the start of the project/keeping records for further comparisons.

    eTwinning activities:
    -presentations of schools will be uploaded on Twinspace
    -selected participants will introduce themselves on Twinspace to get know each other better