3rd Semester

  • 3rd Semester: September 2020 - January 2021

    Vilniaus Sausio 13-osios progimnazija, Lithuania

    Parental_ Involvement_ 3rd_Semester_LT.docx

    Age of students/Grade: 11-13 years old

    Teacher(s): Žana Šunina, Ieva Kildušytė

    Participants: students, students’ parents

    Title of Activity: Christmas Past and Present


    Resources: computers/laptops/tablets/mobile phones, Zoom app, internet connection.

    Description of the activities:

    Activity 1: To present the project Christmas activities and results

    • Ts present project Christmas activity ‘’Christmas in my Country’’ and its results on eTwinning platform



    Activity 2: To exchange Christmas experiences

    • Each parent shares his/her childhood memories about Christmas celebrations, shows pictures, shares Christmas stories that had happened to them in their childhood.
    • Ss ask questions about Christmas traditions in the past. Parents answer the questions.
    • Ss describe the way they celebrate Christmas at present.

    Activity 3: To create a positive atmosphere, to bring families and school together.

    • Playing a chain game: T begins by saying a Christmas wish. Then, he names the person who will be the next to say a Christmas wish/greeting.
    • All the players must remember the people who have already said the congratulation as the player cannot pass the word to the person that has already presented a Christmas wish/greeting.
    • Ts monitor the process, they make sure that all the participants presented the wish.



    parents 3 RO.docx

    Title of the activity: "We Raise a Generation Without Fear"

    Class: 5C

    Teacher: Nagy Melinda

    Age of students: 11 years old

    Participants: teacher, students, parents and grandparents



    -to strengthen the cooperation between parents and school

    -to reflect on their own relationship with technology

    -to learn new ways of supporting children to be safe online


    Resources: Laptop/smatphone/computer/tablet, internet connection, Google Meet


    Description of the activities:


    Activity 1: Presentation of the topic and starting discussing with students and parents about:

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the multitude of apps available?

    What would you like to change regarding your habits on the internet?

    What would you like to change regarding your children's habits on the internet?


    Activity 2: Watching 4 famous national bloggers/vloggers, who are also parents, talking about their and their children's experiences with technology. 






    Activity 3: Conclusions, based on the discussions and the videos, parents and students propose ways of improving communication between them about technology and the use of the internet.