4th Semester

  • 4th Semester: February - June 2021

    Liceul Tehnologic Octavian Goga Jibou, Romania

    Title of the activity: "Our Traditional Food"

    Class: 6A

    Teacher: Gabriel Barjac

    Age of students: 12 years old

    Participants: class teacher, students, parents and grandparents


    -to strengthen the cooperation between parents and school

    -to tap the talents and skills of parents to support, motivate and encourage the children to do their best

    -to learn about traditional food 

    Resources: Laptop, Videoprojector, realia

    Description of the activities: 

    Activity 1: Each group of student/parent/grandapent present their traditional food and family recipes, say when, on which occassions they used to eat it

    Activity 2: All participants taste the other groups traditional meals




    Age of students/Grade: 10-14 years old

    Teacher(s): teachers of the progymnasium

    Participants: students, students’ parents

    Title of Activity: Toys and Games


    Resources: cardboard, paper, plastic figures, coins, buttons, shells, markers, crayons, dice, sticky notes.

    Description of the activities:

    Activity 1: To boost connection between school and students’ families.

    • Ss and their parents discuss at school and at home the kinds of self-made games. They search for ideas on the platform: https://lt-lt.facebook.com/thedadlab. They share the ideas with teachers.


    Activity 2: To make toys and board games.

    • Students and their parents make different toys and board games, such as monopoly, memory game, checkers, etc.


    Activity 3: To teach skills through fun.

    • Students and their parents play the games they created together. Toys and games are used for students to play during breaks.