10 - 5 Meeting in Germany

  • final meeting

    4th May, 2017

    "Germany in a European Context"


    17:00 Meeting at Brandenburg Gate

    17:30 Visit Bundestag 

    20:30 Guided Tour

    5th May, 2017

    "The Importance of the European Union"

    10:00 Lecture wit European Parliament, Berlin

    11:00 Explore Europe  at Europäisches Haus, Berlin

    "Hatred and separation can't be a solution"

    12:00 Holocaust Memorial, walk along the former Berlin Wall to Potsdamer Platz


    14:00 transfer to Hildburghausen

    19:30 arrival, meet host families

    6th May, 2017

    "We make you Thuringian"

    09:00 Welcome reception at school, tour through school

    10:00 full-day excursion

    12:00  Mini-a-Thür - Thuringia in a nutshell, work in multinational teams


               "Move Yourope" - summer toboggan run 

    16:30 lab at VIBA, Schmalkalden

    19:30 arrival HBN


    7th May, 2017

    "We make you Thuringian"

    a day in families


    8th May, 2017

    "Thuringia in a European Context"


    07:35 attend lessons in the morning

    08:30 full - day excursion to Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia

    10:00  Europe direct, Erfurt:  workshop, discussion

    12:00  time for lunch, free time

                 teachers: discussion with H.Markert, Ministry of Education

    15:00 guided tour



    9th May, 2017

    "Learning in Europe"


    07:35 "Arts on My Bag"   arts lab at school

    08:30  "Getting to know Hildburghausen"   learning and teaching through geocaching

    11.30  Final ceremony, presentation of final video, certificates, speeches

    13:30 Farewell lunch, Thuringian BBQ


    15:30 teachers: meeting 


    10th May, 2017

    "Where everything started"


    07:00 departure  to Nuremberg, walking tour

    11:00  guided tour Faber-Castell Nuremberg (c.f. "Make me a German")