5th MEETING: Teramo, Italy


    During Erasmus Days all schools presented Inclusive Education activities at their schools!  Here is the programme of Erasmus Days 2020!

    Italy, Erasmus Days Programme 15.16 Oct 2020 english version.docx


    Welcome to this short Learning how to use eTwinning for an Inclusive classroom!

    Because of the mobility restrictions due to Coronavirus, here you will find some activities and tools that were included into the learning event which the Italian partner had arranged and worked hard to.


    Building an inclusive classroom doesn't mean getting all students in the same space, doing the same things, in the same ways. It means enabling everyone in the classroom to achieve the same goals, even if the method of doing so is different. Inclusive classrooms put the focus on the learning objective instead of the activity to measure it. They require all students to meet the same learning objectives using assessments that are built to target the needs of the individual student.To be able to achieve this we need some need - specific technological tools or softwares  which can be easily adapted to classroom environment, user-friendlly and affordable in our classrooms.

    Here you will find some activities and tools that I believe will make a significant change in inclusive and regular classrooms. A list of inclusive tools has been uploaded to Materials.

    In addition, the tools:


    Office Lense

    Immersive Reader


    which are created and developed by Microsoft, will help many students do their assignments, understand the teacher delivering lesson in the class and interact with their peers duing the class period.



                                                 Every Student Can Learn.


    Let's start with the activities!


    4th March "A logo for the Inclusive Education" Workshop

    Drawing Activity to be completed by the end of March

    Voting by April 26th

    Task 1: Many hands, one logo!

    Instructions: Add your name to the mixed team; click the link below ; each team adds a part of the logo; at the end each team will vote for the best one! Save your picture (in "Materials" by the end of March) with the number of your team (ex. 1). 


    Drawing Tool: Twiddla

    Team 1

    Team 2

    Team 3

    Team 4

    Team 5

    Team 6


    Task 2: Inclusive ePostcards

    Well done! Now, it's time to build inclusive school classes. What does it mean? When is a class really inclusive?

    Instructions: Find two pictures (a not inclusive class and an inclusive one); go to Canva and make your ePostcard; write some diffferences about the pictures; save the ePostcard as picture; upload your ePostcard to the TwinBoard below. Leave a comment.


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