Our school is an primary integration school and it is prepared for the reception of children with physical and intellectual disabilities. There are currently around 300 pupils aged 7 - 15 attending the school. A total of 50 people are employed, 42 of whom are teaching staff. In maximum 20-person integration classes, children with special needs are accompanied by a special needs teachers. Till last school year the name of the school was "Zespół Szkół Integracyjnych im. Jana Pawła II w Kłodzku" and we took part in two European projects under this name: "Different abilities are not an obstacle" (Comenius, 2009-2011) and "Stand up for your rights!" (Erasmus+, 2015 - 2017). Moreover the school has been hosting volunteers from various countries and continents as part of the "Youth in Action" program for over 15 years.

    The school is one of the oldest establishments of this type in the area and has recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. Due to the location in the suburbs, students are from both urban and rural areas. Children come from different social backgrounds and among them are also those at risk of early school leaving. Among the students there is a large group of children from outside the area of residence due to the fact that the institution is prepared to work with disabled children, as well as with learning problems. There are specialists working in our school, including: a school educator, psychologist, speech therapist and a team of physiotherapists. In addition, innovative methods of working with the student are used, e.g. sensory therapy and early support. The teachers and the specialists from our school are strongly motivated to get to know new methods to upgrade the quality of learning process and to proceed from integrative to inclusive education.