4th MEETING: Kokkola, Finland



    From September 23rd to 28th, 2019 in Kokkola, Finland the fourth teacher training meeting was held as part of our project. The topic of the workshop was "Green Care & Inclusion" and it helped to show the participants the useness of nature for various types of activities that are aimed at improving the education process for children with  different kinds of needs. 

    In our project we want to combine theory based knowledge, learning as a group by discussing and learning by doing. In Kokkola the programm was devided into three parts: Theory of green care, workshops about inclusion and learning by doing (the methods). We need to keep in mind our main topic inclusion and in how many ways you can understand it. Core of inclusion is equality and equity in our work. If we do not process our ideas and thinking about inclusion, easily the methods become superficial. If is not possible to change anything, if you do not recognize the problems. In this path we are together. 

    During the week we met green care entrepreneurs and worked in different kinds of enviroments (stables, Lohtaja sheep farm and seaside, city environment etc). Many thanks to our lecturer from Unveristy of Applied Sciences Marjut Levoska.